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Important Alert: Intermittent Service — We are investigating intermittent service impacting Elements Online & Mobile Banking. At this time, you might see inaccuracies in your reflected balances, and/or you might be unable to view all your accounts. For immediate support, please call Member Service: 800-621-2105.

Budgeting Tools

Get a consolidated view of all your accounts balances and spending habits.

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Budgeting Tools

Turn your mobile device into a budgeting toolbox.


  • Quick, easy-to-understand views of Spending, Budget, Trends, Cash Flow, Net Worth, and Debts
  • Link accounts you hold at other financial institutions to see an even fuller picture of your finances
  • No extra apps to install or additional tools to learn — it's all presented simply within your Online Banking or mobile app

How do I turn on the Budgeting Tools in Online Banking?

A couple using Elements budgeting tools on their laptop

Budgeting Tools are built into Online Banking and are just waiting for you to click on them! 

On your computer, you will see the six tools listed across the top: Spending, Budget, Trends, Cash Flow, Net Worth, and Debts. Click on any of those widget names to get started. 

On the app, click on the “Budgeting Tools” button on the home screen to get started.

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How do I link my accounts from other banks?

A man using Elements budgeting tools on his laptop in his kitchen

Linking accounts you hold at other financial institutions allows you to see an even fuller picture of your finances.

On your computer, click the “Link Account” button located next to the budgeting widgets on the homescreen of Online Banking. On the app, click the “Budgeting Tools” button on the homescreen and then “Link Account” in the navigation menu that appears.

You can choose from several major financial institutions. If you don't see the bank or credit union you want to link in the list, search for your financial institution. If you are unable to locate your bank in the list, then they may not be a participant with our Personal Financial Management (PFM) provider.

You'll be asked to input your login credentials you use at your other bank to complete the connection. In order to link the accounts we must validate that you are the owner of the account and gain your authorization to retrieve the account information at your other financial institution. By providing your credentials, you enable us to access your account history at the other bank so you can see it in Online Banking.

While the connection is being completed, you can continue linking other accounts. Once the link is complete, you will see a notification on the homescreen.

It’s so convenient to see all of my finances in one place and be able to track my spending. I use the budgeting tools within online banking often and it’s helped me to find the best ways to manage my money.

- Carrie B. | Member since 2016